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Privacy Policy

Article 1 Scope and change of the provisions

We may make new additions or changes to this Agreement without the consent of the members by the method specified by our company. After the content change, only the content after the change is valid. Members shall be deemed to have consented to the terms or conditions of the revised or modified terms, so please make sure to confirm the latest terms and conditions.

Article 2 membership registration

"Membership" refers to the person who has completed the membership registration after the approval of this agreement. In addition, if we judge that the content is inappropriate, the member registration may be invalidated.

Article 3 registration of personal information

The registration information concerning the individual at the time of admission shall be owned by our company. Any false notice shall not be accepted with respect to all the items of the registration information to be declared by the member upon admission. In addition, if a change is made to the registration information, it will be notified immediately based on the prescribed procedure. Members agree to the privacy policy provided by our company.

  • Article 4 rescission of membership registration

    In our company, if a member falls under the following items, the membership qualification can be cancelled without notice.

    The person who has violated this website use agreement in the past and deleted the member registration.

    When the content of the report to us is false.

    Regardless of any means, it obstructs the operation of this home page.

    In cases where the registered person is found to have suspended payment or bankruptcy claims for any reason.

    When there is an act contrary to public order good manners and laws.

    When there is an act of violating an election or an act similar thereto or an act of violation.

    When there is an act of solicitation, etc.

    Where there is any act of violating any other member or privacy of the third party or other rights.

    Article 5 management of membership information

    We do not disclose and provide the content of the registration of the member that we manage except for the following cases.

    Where a member agrees to disclose personal information.

    When we are requested to disclose by laws, national institutions, etc.

    If you decide that members need to protect the vital benefits of life, health and property.

    Rule 6 management of ID / password

    A member shall manage the information such as ID and password registered in his / her own responsibility.

    A member shall not use the content of the third party to the third party, and shall not lend, transfer, and purchase.

    The responsibility of the member itself is not responsible for the damage caused by the member and the management of the ID and the password by the member.

    Article 7 utilization of this service

    Members shall use this service in accordance with the terms of use.

    We can add and modify the contents of this homepage without notice to the member.

    The subject area in the article purchase service shall be limited to Japan.
  • Article 8 copyright

    Copyright of the copyrighted works on the web site, such as image, goods information and design, shall belong to our company and the creator.

    Article 9 suspension of this site

    Our company may suspend this site temporarily or in a long term without prior notice, such as system failure or server maintenance. The company shall not be liable for any damage resulting from the suspension of this site.

    Article 10 deleted statements, etc

    If the content of the statement registered by the member falls under the prohibition of the member, or if it is inappropriate for other reasons, we may delete the statement without notice to the member beforehand.

    Article 11 Disclaimer

    When we use this service, we do the encryption processing of the personal information and the like transmitted and received by the communication line.

    We are very careful when describing information in this home page, but we do not guarantee any damage to computer viruses and other harmful substances.

    I am not responsible for any other homepage linked to this homepage. It is also not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of other homepages for members or users to access this home page.

    The responsibility of the member to the other member and the third party by the use of this service is the responsibility of the self, and it does not take any responsibility.

    Article 12 confirmation of your order

    After the purchase application is completed, we will send you a confirmation email from our company. However, in this service, if there is any trouble in the application contents from the customer such as the leakage of the order form, the wrong input of the email address, and the character making which cannot be read, the mail may not be replied. Moreover, we do not assume the responsibility at all even if the mail does not reach due to the false error and the delay of the mail.

    Article 13 cancellation of sale contract

    If the item purchased by the member is a collection item, and it is judged that the delivery of the commodity is impossible due to the completion of the production by the manufacturer, it is possible to cancel the purchase reservation after contacting the member. If the payment is already paid, it will return to the membership immediately. However, it is not applicable to payment of interest rates and bank fees. In addition, we shall not be liable for any damage caused by cancellation by customer's convenience.

    Article 14 completion of delivery

    We will send the goods to the place designated by the member by the completion of the payment procedure of the purchase commodity or the money exchange. Delivery is completed when delivery goods received by the distributor are received. If there is a defect in the delivery period in the delivery agent according to the convenience of the member, or there is a defect in the entry of the address and the name, and the goods return to us, we will pay for the reshipment separately. The designated delivery place is limited to Japan.

    Article 15 delivery delay

    Due to natural disasters, system trouble, traffic congestion, and unexpected circumstances, delivery may be delayed from the scheduled and scheduled time of arrival. It shall not be liable for any damage arising directly or indirectly to a member or third party.

    Article 16 (return) and exchange

    Return, cancel

    After the item ordered by the member is sent from the sound house to the member, the cancellation by the member's convenience is not accepted in principle. In addition, it is not possible to cancel or change the order after the order of the member when the order ordered goods that are not usually stocked.

    Initial failure

    If there is any defect in the item purchased, please contact us by telephone or email within 7 days after arrival. We will make an exchange or repair decision as soon as we make an initial failure. In addition, if you cannot exchange the same item in the sale of the item, you can also adjust the amount of the difference and exchange it to another item or counterfund. In addition, please note that the original packaging material attached to the product cannot be exchanged if the original package is not arranged.

    Article 17 conformity act

    The Japanese law shall apply to the establishment, effect, performance and interpretation of this agreement.

    Article 18 (1) joint jurisdiction court

    The district court shall be the court of jurisdiction when the dispute occurs in this agreement.

    Supplementary Provisions

    This Agreement shall come into effect on February 13, 2020.